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Aftercare activities and fun hands on activities & effects on Mental Health

 S  Stamped Embroidery

Research* published by the National Library of Medicine and the National Center for Biotechnology Center showed that arts and crafts activities are great options that help manage emotions and anxiety in youth caused by time experienced during the pandemic while they manage their own developmental milestones.  We have offered our services successfully virtually during the pandemic time to friends and families near the city of Sunrise and surrounding areas, at the local community events like Earth day, and at some aftercare  programs.  It is also being offered in the Museum of Science and Discovery and local community events outside of school.

Kitchen Art - Multicolor Jello

All you need is a little of time and few ingredients: gelatine, different colors of sugar free jello and condensed milk.  Multiple layered color jello can be made with a variety of delicious flavors, and can also use coconut oil condensed milk rich in manganese which is great for connective tissue.  Just need a refrigerator, and about 15 minutes for each layer in to allow for the refrigerator to do the work 😊then cut it into pieces and there you have a fun snack to share with the kids, including adults who enjoy simple, sweetly delicious & fun to make snacks.  Contact us for more information on kids dessert cooking classes at your local community center, home or at your next family or school based event.

Gómez-Restrepo C, Casasbuenas NG, Ortiz-Hernández N, Bird VJ, Acosta MPJ, Restrepo JMU, Sarmiento BAM, Steffen M, Priebe S. Role of the arts in the life and mental health of young people that participate in artistic organizations in Colombia: a qualitative study. BMC Psychiatry. 2022 Dec 3;22(1):757. doi: 10.1186/s12888-022-04396-y. PMID: 36463167; PMCID: PMC9719131. 


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Explore Space Initiative - Iniciativa de Exploracion Espacial

  🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 Ever dreamed of going to space?  Have you ever met an Astrounat to ask what is like to be inside a rocketship, or have you ever gone on a driving trip to explore seeing a real rocket launch at NASA Cape Canaveral?  It is the most exciting adventure ever to witness a rocket launch, and it is really worth the drive! Well, dream awake, and make it there and see it happen live!   You never know it may be the start of your life journey to inspire you to go to Engineering school or to accomplish your life's dreams no matter what obstacles you may encounter, it will help you find ways to be resilient, and to find a way to get there.  The best part of it all is, you will be able to start your plan to find a way to get there.  Here is a great way to start: Schedule a visit to NASA Meet, chat, and eat a snack with an Astronaut 🌕 See a rocket launch🚀 Build a Lego rocketship   or a gather parts to build a   Paper Scale Space model  of Atlantis Space Shuttle handmade Visit NASA

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 Engineer For The Week 2022 Next Engineer For The Week meeting is in Spanish.      It is a great program designed to encourage young ones to brainstorm, create and actively participate in the FREE STEM program offered by Engineer For The Week, powered by Meta Engineers and Facilitated by you when you join in the efforts to bring our youth together to actively participate in this amazing program.  The selected group will be awarded a one-on-one visit with a Meta Engineer, and $1,000 to donate to their favorite nonprofit.  The project can include coding, engineering design, arts, and more. Let's be creative, learn together and all while having fun. Join in on March 24th  12pm-1pm PT - 3pm-4pm ET  in Spanish I participated in the March 16th Facilitators meeting offered in English, and along with other interested adults and young adults 18 and older, we can together assist others in the participation of this great program.  For any additional questions, you can visit https://www.facebo


WORLD HEALTH DAY  Celebrated annually and each year draws attention to specific health topic of concern. This Year’s the World 🌎 Health Organization observes the 75th anniversary year as an opportunity to look back at public health successes to improve quality of life. Let’s take action and find an opportunity to stay motivated and take action to tackle the health challenges of today - and those of tomorrow.   TOGETHER WE CAN - JUNTOS SOMOS MÁS  ❤❤❤ IT TAKES A VILLAGE   STRONGER TOGETHER -   JUNTOS HACEMOS MÁS Earth Day Events also citywide. Earth 🌎 day Events in the City